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Starting his career as a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ozawa uses a variety of supplements in his daily treatments. Dr. Ozawa was a pioneer among Japanese Naturopathic Doctors and received many health-related inquiries from Japan. With his experience in treating patients, Dr. Ozawa started an online store in 2010 to introduce the supplements he uses in his daily treatments to his Japanese customers. When the store first opened, we sold products from various supplement manufacturers, but Dr. Ozawa's never-ending passion for exploration, dedication to quality, and pursuit of desired efficacy led him to develop his original supplements.

His original supplements are used in standard treatments and have received high reviews from many patients. We are also confident in our product line, as our client retention rate is consistently over 80% for our Japanese clients, who are known to be very picky about quality.

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Our supplements help improve and enhance the health of our clients. When people use Naturopathy's supplements, they are so pleased with the noticeable difference in their health that they can't stop telling others about Naturopathy.

Our client and customer service teams continue to evolve and focus on what our clients' needs are in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.
We are founded on finding ways to meet the health and beauty needs of everyone possible.

About Dr. Ozawa

Dr. Ozawa is a specialist in naturopathic treatment for over sixteen years in Torrance, California. He provides patients with comprehensive health care services, including the latest medical aesthetic treatments. Dr. Ozawa says that health is essential for maintaining a youthful mind, body, and appearance. His expertise in Natural medicine and aesthetic medicine is the gold standard. He emphasizes building trust with the patient. He provides treatment and education that will deliver the best results for the patient's desire to stay young and healthy forever. Dr. Ozawa's knowledge of natural remedies has gained the trust of Japanese doctors, such as working as a supervisor on nutrition therapy.

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